The following article applies only to Iran
Sarasa Law Office:

Sarasa Law Office is a specialized legal office. With the help of proficient lawyers and legal advisors, and using a maximum approach, is proud to offer legal and registration services in various fields.
Legal Activities: (exclusively valid in Iran)
We carry out all legal affairs with the help of the best lawyers, in every specialized field, including the following:
• Contracts and lawsuits arising from them
• Checks, promissory notes, and commercial documents
• Land and property
• Managing legal affairs for large companies
• Judgement and moderation in contracts and disputes
• Family, personal status, and inheritance issues
• Financial claims, insurance, and disputes between employees and employers
• New energies, oil, and gas
• Banks and insurance
• Information technology, and cyberspace
• Intellectual property
• Foreign investments
• Litigation claims such as: forging documents, fraud, crimes against property, and all crimes against physical integrity
Registration Activities: (exclusively valid in Iran)
• Registration of all kinds of companies mentioned in the commercial code, and branch registration all over Iran and in free zones
• Regulation of Statute, official journal, closed offices, and frequent flyer newspapers
• All kinds of changes related to companies such as: change in address, change in board members and their term extensions, change in subject of company activities, stock transfers, and liquidation of the company
• Filing property, Code of Economics and Value Added, obtaining account of the property, and workshop insurance code
• Obtaining business cards, establishment permit from the Chamber of Industries and Mines, and operation license
• Trademark and logo, industrial designs and patents
• Consultations, rating, and foreign delegates, ISO and Standards, etc.
• Registration of all kinds of companies outside Iran (European Union, neighboring countries, The Persian Gulf countries, China, East Asian countries, etc.)
It should be noted that all legal litigations abroad can be followed-up via Sarasa Law Offices’ international partners.

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